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Changing The Story on World Malaria Day

Changing The Story on World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day is here – the biggest day of the year for raising awareness about the impact of malaria and the global fight to end it.

This year we find ourselves better equipped to combat malaria than ever before. New malaria vaccines combined with other tools- like next-generation bed nets can save children’s lives. But only if they get to the children that desperately need them.

Malaria hits the most vulnerable the hardest. Pregnant women and children under five are most at risk. And yet their voices often go unheard.  

This new film for World Malaria Day calls on leaders to hear their stories and make positive decisions that will change the story, and change the future of millions of people across the world.

Finishing the Job in the UK

Thanks to British science we now have new malaria vaccines, next-generation bed nets and other malaria-beating innovations in the pipeline. We need to grab this golden opportunity to end malaria within a generation, but we can only do that if institutions like the Global Fund and the GAVI Vaccine Alliance are fully funded. These institutions ensure that these tools reach the most vulnerable to malaria, saving millions of lives in the process.

This World Malaria Day we are celebrating Britain’s long-standing support of being at the forefront of the malaria fight, being the second biggest funder of malaria R&D globally. We’re calling on the UK Government to continue its leadership so British science can continue to help end malaria in a generation.

Celebrating the Power of EveryONE in Kenya

Everyone in Kenya is affected by malaria – and every individual has the power to help end it for good. That’s been the focus of the Power of EveryONE campaign launched in Kenya in February, and this World Malaria Day we’re continuing to celebrate the role each and every Kenyan can play in achieving zero malaria in the country. With the Zero Malaria Campaign Coalition, we’re also joining partners including the National Malaria Control Program in holding an event in Kisumu county to mark World Malaria Day and help drive political action and engagement.

We’re at a crucial crossroads this year and we need your support.

With funding shortfalls, climate change and other challenges threatening our progress, the world is facing a perfect storm in which malaria could thrive. But by working together, we can end malaria and make the whole world safer.

A donation from you today makes it possible for us to continue fighting to keep malaria in the spotlight and drive action.

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