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David Beckham and director from Ridley Scott Associates


Whether it's in political corridors, the press or in your front room, the more people that know about our fight, the more we can do.

Getting heard

We work to influence leaders around the world but we can't do that alone. We arm ourselves with voices - your voices - which we use to show those in positions of influence that we aren't prepared to sit back and watch malaria threaten millions of lives each year.

Our campaigns help us collect these voices, which is why every tweet, share or comment you do is so important.

Malaria Must Die campaign

In 2017 the World Health Organization's annual World Malaria Report showed that the years of progress that had been made was under threat.

So organisations large and small, far and wide, joined together to take action. In February 2017 David Beckham launched the Malaria Must Die, So Millions Can Live campaign.

By April, the campaign had reached one billion people and had paved the way for the Malaria Summit alongside the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Zero Malaria campaign

A malaria-free world can be achieved, and youth across Africa will be at the forefront of the generation who will end malaria in the continent.

What started as the grassroots Zero Malaria Starts With Me movement, is now the global Zero Malaria movement to end malaria.

Zero Malaria is a positive, bold, ground-breaking campaign with a focus on Africa, to inspire public interest and action pushing for political action to halve malaria across the Commonwealth by 2023.