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Our advocacy work

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If we want to make our ambition of ending malaria happen in our generation we need to get leading decision-makers on board.

We work to influence these decision-makers, from governments to international bodies and leading corporations, to make sure ending malaria is their ambition too.

Our advocacy work

We know how to end malaria we just need to join all the dots to do it. Malaria No More UK works in the UK and beyond to ensure we have the right mix of  leadership, support, tools and innovation around the world to help us achieve our goal.

Here in the UK we work with the Government and members of parliament from across the political spectrum, as well as business and civil society, to forge a powerful coalition to end malaria.

Our work in the UK

As the world's second biggest donor in the fight against malaria, the UK is helping to lead the way in ending the disease. UK investment and innovation has been instrumental in helping to save 7 million lives since 2000.

Our aim is to halve the number of deaths caused by malaria by 2023. It's ambitious, and with malaria showing resistance in certain areas around the world, it's not going to be easy. But through partnerships that unlock vital funds to fight these new strains, we know we can do it.