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Global Fund: The UK delays making a pledge as $14bn is raised

Without a pledge from the UK government, decades of progress against the disease and millions of lives will be put at risk.

We recognise that during these challenging times – both economically and in international politics – difficult decisions must be made. However, we urge our new Prime Minister to stand with its G7 allies and meet the call for a 30% increase in funding for the Global Fund.

By fighting malaria we will protect millions of children, their education and futures. But we also create a world that is safe for people here in the UK and across the Commonwealth, by creating a stronger global health system.

Right now, malaria is killing a child every minute. It is a disease that disproportionately affects women and girls. It holds back lives and whole economies from achieving their potential.

With incredible breakthroughs in science on the cusp of being rolled out, including malaria vaccines, this is not the time for the UK to step away.

Join us in asking the UK government to step up, pledge and stand with our G7 allies. As we must #FightForWhatCounts.