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The New Muundo Face Filter for World Mosquito Day 2021

On World Mosquito Day, people around the world helped Draw The Line against malaria by sharing the Muundo Face Filter. Zero Malaria’s Draw The Line campaign has launched a new Facebook and Instagram filter which brings the language of the Muundo to life. The Muundo is the universal, visual language of malaria, made up of lines, symbols, and patterns.  It was designed by Láolú Senbanjo, a former human rights lawyer turned activist and global artist. The Muundo tells a visual story about malaria, expressing its dangers and also hope for a malaria-free future.  By applying the Muundo filter, individuals around the world are joining this story, an art piece, and a movement.

Producer and influencer, Jennifer Bala (@jenniferbala), was one of the first to join the global effort to end malaria by sharing the Muundo Face Filter. Jennifer reminded her followers that every two minutes a child dies from malaria and reflected on how privileged she was to have survived the disease herself growing up in Ghana. 

Lindo Sithole (@lindough_rsa) also got involved this World Mosquito Day by sharing the Muundo Face Filter. Lindo, famous actor, and TV host for SABC2, took to Instagram to share a powerful message: We can be the generation to end this deadly disease.

Dr Fez Mkhize (@drfezmkhize), medical doctor and Top Billing TV presenter from Johannesburg, shared his choice of Muundo filter on Friday. Fez told his followers “enough is enough”, people should no longer be dying from a preventable and treatable disease.

Since 2000, international efforts have seen the number of deaths from malaria drop by more than 60 per cent and over 7 million lives have been saved. But Covid-19 has made the fight to end malaria even harder and action is vital to protect these global gains.