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New film transports audiences to the future - A World Without Malaria

David Beckham old and young face-to-face

New film transports audiences to the future - A World Without Malaria

We're thrilled to present the latest ground-breaking Malaria Must Die film for the next exciting phase of this ambitious global campaign against malaria. The new film – A World Without Malaria – sees founding member of Malaria No More UK Leadership Council, David Beckham speaking from the future, at the moment humankind has defeated the world’s oldest and deadliest disease – malaria.

The campaign has an urgent call to action aimed at global leaders to remain committed to delivering a safer, malaria-free world. A call for everyone to share this film to declare that #MalariaMustDie so millions can live. Cutting-edge visual effects technology ages David Beckham to deliver a message of hope, reminding the world what we are capable of achieving when we unite to fight diseases. Back in the present day, the film then affirms how vital our work is today to make malaria no more. 

The film’s ending (link to mosaic on website) and the accompanying behind-the-scenes film (link to BTS) highlight malaria champions (link to champion stories) from around the: world: scientists, researchers and activists who represent the collaborative effort that is necessary to end malaria – a disease that still kills a child every two minutes. 
Against the backdrop of ongoing global disruption due to the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film aims to reignite the belief that humankind is capable of uniting to defeat diseases. A world without malaria ultimately means a safer healthier, stronger world for us all, and for future generations.  A world with robust and resilient global health systems better prepared to act against other diseases, including future pandemics and health threats.