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A Decade of Health – making the world healthier and stronger

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How can Decade of Health help with the fight to end malaria?

The fight to end malaria will only be won through continued investment in science and public health. At Malaria No More UK, we work with partners globally to raise awareness of what it will take to end malaria, as well as inspire and empower people to act. A Decade of Health is set to accelerate these values and highlight why these investments will make a safer world for everyone.

We are incredibly grateful to every scientist, health worker and activist who has committed their lives to help us beat this deadly disease. We must celebrate the hard-fought gains while continuing to invest in healthcare, science, and innovation.  

Covid-19 has shown us that a disease anywhere in the world, can threaten our security at home. Unleashing British science and creativity could transform the malaria fight and deliver a deadly blow to a disease that has plagued out planet for centuries.

James Whiting, CEO of Malaria No More UK

What are the next steps?

The UK Government has been a critical leader in the fight to end malaria both financially and through the contribution of science, innovation, and political leadership. In 2018 the Government led the Commonwealth to commit to halving malaria by 2023.

Now, the UK Government’s financial commitment to ending malaria is up for review. We’re urging the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs to renew its financial commitment and continue Britain’s pivotal leadership towards ending malaria within our lifetimes.

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