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Malaria affects almost half the world’s population and claims the life of a child every minute... but with your help we can make malaria no more.

  • £10 can transport 150 life-saving nets to a community in rural Ghana; enough to protect 300 people

  • £25 is enough to get 25 children lifesaving malaria treatment

  • £50 can train a nurse in Botswana to diagnose malaria quickly and accurately saving lives

  • £100 can recruit and train two local volunteers to be Malaria Agents; providing life-saving malaria prevention information to their entire community

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Send a cheque or postal order (made out to Malaria No More UK) to 33 Ransomes Dock, 35-37 Parkgate Road, London SW11 4NP (please don’t send cash!)

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To make a donation by credit or debit card over the phone, please call us on 020 7801 3840.
Please note the office is open Monday to Friday, 9.30am-5.30pm

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Please contact our Fundraising Manager, Helen Mabberley, on 020 7801 3840 or email

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Malaria No More UK is part of a global effort to put an end to the suffering and death caused by malaria.