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Looking back on a year of interfaith action to fight malaria

Jun 19 2012
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Usman and Charlotte at their interfaith Live Below the Line lunch

In July 2011 we welcomed Faiths Act Fellows of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation Charlotte and Usman joining us for a one year ‘Fellowship’. They were tasked with uniting different faith communities on the common goal of tackling extreme poverty and helping end the suffering and deaths caused by malaria.

How time flies! As the Fellowship now draws to a close, Charlotte looks back at their year…

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Queen’s Chaplain speaks at interfaith event ‘Woven’, in support of Malaria No More UK

Jun 15 2012
Posted in: Faith

“Rushes and reeds must be woven to be useful as a mat.
If they weren’t interlaced, the wind would blow them away.”
- Rumi

After reading the poem ‘Of Being Woven’ by the Muslim mystic Rumi, Faiths Act Fellow Charlotte Dando shared the poem with fellow Rumi fan and partner Fellow Usman Nawaz and a new multifaith campaign to fight malaria was born. The WOVEN campaign culminated on evening of Wednesday 13th June with a celebration event held at the St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in central London. The event marked not only the finale of this campaign but also the completion of Charlotte and Usman’s year as Faiths Act Fellows based at Malaria No More UK. They will leave for pastures new later this month.

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Faiths Act Fellows hit the road on a multifaith tour of Northern England to help end malaria

May 30 2012
Posted in: Faith

Usman and Charlotte under the net

Early this morning Usman Nawaz and Charlotte Dando, Faiths Act Fellows of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation based here at Malaria No More UK, zoomed out of London marking the start of a road trip with a difference! Usman and Charlotte will spend the next three days travelling from Leicester to Huddersfield, Blackpool to Bradford as they bring their multifaith malaria message to the North of England. Usman and Charlotte are running the Northern leg of the Where’s The Net? campaign; a worldwide relay connecting people of different faiths in an international multifaith initiative to help end malaria, a disease which kills a child every minute. The Where’s The Net? mosquito net, which is currently travelling around the UK, has already covered thousands of miles and been hung by cultural landmarks including the White House, Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge and London’s Big Ben.

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Launch of new film uniting people of many faiths in a shared goal to end malaria deaths

May 25 2012
Posted in: Faith, Our Work in Africa

Rev. Isaac joins with multifaith community volunteers to fight malaria in Ghana (c) Geoff Ward

Today is Africa Day – a celebration of The African Union, created in 1963. This union enabled over 50 countries in Africa to come together to collectively address the continent’s opportunities and challenges including poverty and urgent health issues such as malaria.

We are marking Africa Day with the launch of our new short film, shot in Ghana. The film highlights the vital role played by different faith groups across Africa, working towards a common goal to save lives from malaria. They achieve this by raising local awareness to inspire and educate their communities about how to prevent and treat malaria, a disease which still claims the lives of almost 1,500 children in Africa every single day.

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Pensioner takes the plunge to tackle extreme poverty and save lives from malaria

May 21 2012
Posted in: Faith, Fundraising

Trevor Jaggar

Trevor Jaggar, a pensioner from Uxbridge has completed a 170-length sponsored swim to raise awareness and funds to fight suffering and deaths caused by malaria. Eighty-six year old Trevor completed his swim in the run-up to World Malaria Day.

He first learnt to swim when he was seventeen – fast forward almost 70 years and he completed a journey of over 4km in just over three hours. Trevor is raising funds for two charities and has already raised over £1,000 for Malaria No More UK to support life-saving malaria prevention programmes in Ghana, where the entire population is at risk of malaria.

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Best bits from your time Living Below the Line

May 14 2012
Posted in: Faith, Fundraising, Live Below the Line

Arlene Phillips with her below the line cabbage soup & rice

Over 200 people signed up to Live Below the Line for us in May, so far raising over £23,000, with money still coming in. We have been inspired by the breadth of support from faith leaders, celebrities, politicians, students, business people and dozens of other volunteers from across the country!

We’re delighted to share just some of our highlights here, with more sure to come as people continue to take part and fundraise right up until the end of June. There’s plenty more time for your friends and family to register and get involved in this challenge to end extreme poverty and save lives from malaria.

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Pivotal moments from World Malaria Day 2012

Apr 26 2012
Posted in: Faith, Live Below the Line, Music, Policy, Science and research, Sport, World Malaria Day

(c) Geoff Ward

A huge range of activity took place around the world in the last few days to mark World Malaria Day. It would be impossible to cover it all but we wanted to share some of the highlights!

Local and global leaders spoke out about the pressing need to maintain the momentum. Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary General issued a World Malaria Day message. with the news he is making malaria is a key priority for his second term. The Prime Minister spoke of the leadership role of the UK in the fight against malaria; and former Prime Minister

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Faiths Act Fellows cook up food for thought

Mar 27 2012
Posted in: Faith, Fundraising, Live Below the Line

Sheena Napier, Usman Nawaz, Ravjeet Singh, Rosemarie Mallett, Jeremy Burko, Kiran Bali, Annabelle Knight & Charlotte Dando

Earlier this month Charlotte Dando and Usman Nawaz, Faiths Act Fellows of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation based here at Malaria No More UK brought together members from seven different faith traditions to share a low budget lunch and discuss the importance of interfaith work in the fight against poverty and malaria. This lunch party ‘with a twist’ was in support of the Live Below the Line campaign. We’re a major partner for this charity challenge taking place in May which aims to raise funds and awareness for the fight against extreme poverty.

The lunch was hosted at the National Bahá’í Centre in London and was attended by Kiran Bali MBE, a leading Hindu interfaith activist, Ravjeet Singh, Director of United Sikhs, Chazzan Jeremy Burko from the Jewish clergy leadership team at the New North London Synagogue, Annabel Knight, from the Office of Public Affairs of the Bahá’ís of UK, Sheena Napier, of the London Buddhist Vihara and Reverend Dr Rosemarie Mallett of South London’s St. John the Evangelist church who has lived in Africa and suffered herself from malaria. Usman also joined the lunch bringing a Muslim perspective to the table.

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Launching our new Faith Toolkit

Jan 18 2012
Posted in: Faith

This month sees the launch of our brand new Faith Toolkit – a practical resource to provide faith groups with all they need to raise awareness and funds to help save lives from malaria. The Faith Toolkit has been developed by Faiths Act Fellows Charlotte and Usman who are based at Malaria No More UK this year, helping to engage and unite different faith communities across the UK in the fight against malaria.

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National Interfaith Week: 20-26 November 2011

Oct 20 2011
Posted in: Faith

National Interfaith Week 2011 takes place across England, Wales and Northern Ireland from Sunday 20 to Saturday 26 November. Interfaith Week is now in its third year and seeks to highlight and enable greater interaction between people of different faith backgrounds.

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