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Queen concerned Ebola shouldn’t detract from malaria

Nov 19 2014
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From James Whiting

Valencia with her baby and mosquito net in Namibia

Valencia with her baby and mosquito net in Namibia

The Queen’s concern that Ebola is overshadowing malaria – one of the world’s oldest and deadliest diseases – echoes a growing worry from many quarters of the immediate and longer term impact the Ebola crisis will have on malaria (“Queen fears ‘malaria comeback’”, The Telegraph 19 November). Especially given those countries in the heart of the Ebola crisis are some of the world’s most malarious. The fight against malaria in these countries is being seriously compromised. A fight where, because malaria is preventable (with tools such as mosquito nets and indoor residual spraying) and treatable (it can cost as little as £1 to diagnose and treat a child), huge progress has been made. And as Bill Gates recently said in Parliament, with continued global determination, eradication of this quietly deadly disease is possible to envisage by 2040.

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Best of British: Irrefutable Reasons to be Proud of UK Aid

Nov 11 2014
Posted in: Policy

By James Whiting, Malaria No More UK Executive Director

Miles for Malaria with Union JackWhen Britain is congratulated for doing something extraordinary you want to hear what it is we’ve done. And when it comes from one of the world’s most successful business leaders, Bill Gates, you might listen a little more closely to the detail. This is exactly what happened last night at a special lecture in the House of Lords where Mr Gates robustly applauded the UK’s historic contributions to global health through its strong commitment to overseas aid. This can be seen with the UK’s current response to the Ebola crisis. But he particularly highlighted the UK’s remarkable contribution to the huge progress made in tackling malaria – the oldest and deadliest disease – which in the past 15 years has seen child deaths cut in half and over three million young lives saved.

The event, The Case for Aid: A Conversation with Bill Gates which I was delighted Malaria No More UK helped support, served to remind us of the many reasons to be proud of the Best of British, and rightly so when you consider;

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See Bill Gates

Nov 07 2014
Posted in: Policy

Bill Gates House of Lords lecture with Malaria No More UK

Big news: On Monday 10 November Bill Gates will be making the case for aid to an audience made up of UK policy makers and leaders from British business, the media and scientific world – and you can be involved!

Hosted by the Speaker of the House of Lords in the Queen’s Robing Room, Bill Gates will celebrate Britain’s historic role in international development, improving and saving the lives of millions. He will speak in particular about global immunisation, Ebola and his vision for eradicating the deadliest disease in human history – malaria.

We hope you can tune in!

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Parliamentary report praises UK leadership but raises concerns about risk of malaria resurgence

Oct 13 2014
Posted in: Policy


In the heart of Westminster MPs and experts gather today for the launch of a new report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases (APPMG) that praises the UK for its global leadership role in the fight against malaria – helping drive the remarkable progress which has seen child deaths from the disease halved since 2000.

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Out of collaborative leadership comes innovation – how we will beat malaria

Jul 11 2014
Posted in: Blog, Policy

James Whiting with Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer, Fiona O'Donnell MP & Sir Andrew Witty

James Whiting with Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer, Fiona O’Donnell MP & Sir Andrew Witty

In the heart of Westminster malaria advocates, corporate partners and political leaders from all parties came together to celebrate innovation and leadership in the fight against malaria – two critical components that have delivered record progress over the past decade. Progress that has seen young child deaths from malaria halved since 2000 (saving more than 3.3 million lives) and 26 countries on track to eliminate malaria.

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Getting Malaria? Our World Health Day event inspiring action to make malaria no more

Apr 08 2014
Posted in: MNM UK, Policy

30 MPs and Peers came together with supporters of Malaria No More and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Malaria and NTDs to mark World Health Day last night. We organised Getting Malaria? as an experiential event; hosted by Jeremy Lefroy MP and compared by Sky New Anchor Lukwesa Burak; to inspire, engage and thank everyone for backing UK action to fight malaria. The event provided an opportunity for guests to find out more about the transformational difference being made to millions of people around the world thanks to UK leadership and increased global action to save lives from malaria, one of the world’s most deadly yet preventable diseases.

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A month of action around World Malaria Day

Mar 31 2014
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By James Whiting, Executive Director of Malaria No More UK

Malaria No More UK Executive Director James Whiting addressing business leaders

We launched in April 2009 to inspire the UK public, business and government to get behind the global effort to end suffering and deaths from malaria. Over the last five years we’ve used exciting partnerships with David Beckham, Andy Murray, ITV and others to raise public awareness of malaria so that it becomes an issue of importance to people across the country. It’s encouraging that we’ve helped to increase the percentage of the UK public who recognise malaria as an important issue from 52% to 72% between 2009 and 2012.

The last five years have seen malaria become a top international development priority for UK policy makers. Milestone moments include the The Department for International Development committing to help at least halve deaths in ten of the most severely affected countries by 2015, and last September, a pledge of record UK funding to save lives through the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. We are dedicated to helping sustain this leadership in the knowledge that the UK’s formal malaria commitments expire in 2015, when we will have a new Parliament and Government.

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Over 100 musicians unite to support the end of extreme poverty

Mar 12 2014
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Some of the world’s biggest music stars and Britain’s most in-demand festivals have come together to encourage fans to take action against extreme poverty which effects 1.2 billion people worldwide.

Now you can take action to help address key issues around global poverty and get hold of tickets for some of the hottest gigs, tours and festivals around the country as well as!

Katy Perry, Arcade Fire, Neil Young, McBusted, John Newman, Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, The National, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, Chvrches, The Specials, Monty Python, the UK’s biggest Festivals and many more have all signed up to donate two tickets to each of their shows.

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UK’s first Malaria Pop-up Shop to open in London!

Feb 07 2014
Posted in: Policy, Your Stories

Malaria Pop-up Shop logo

The first ever Malaria Pop Up Shop will open its doors in Peckham Square, Southwark on 24 March. The shop is initially open for one week and will inform and inspire people to get protected before they travel and aims to reduce the number of people returning to the UK with malaria – Last year over 1,000 people came back having contracted this deadly yet preventable disease that claims 627,000 lives every year worldwide.

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Momentous malaria results announced: child death rates halved and 3.3 million lives saved

Dec 11 2013
Posted in: Policy

World Health Organisation World Malaria Report 2013 front cover

The World Health Organisation’s 2013 World Malaria Report released today brings momentous news: 3.3 million lives have been saved since 2000, mainly young children. Deaths from malaria have also been dramatically cut – globally death rates have been reduced by 45% and in Africa by 49%.

Increased political commitment and rapid growth of malaria investments since 2000 have delivered these high impact results which are transformational for the lives of children: Child deaths rates in Africa have been cut by more than half (54%).

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