Aloe Blacc joins our team for a journey of discovery about malaria in Ghana

Feb 22 2012
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Hot off the red carpet as a double BRIT award nominee, Soul singer Aloe Blacc is flying to Ghana this morning to learn about our work supporting the country’s historic goal to make sure everyone has access to a mosquito net by the end of 2012.

Aloe will spend the next four days in Ghana, with a film crew and our team members Arabella, Annemarie and Angela. Ghana’s entire population is at risk from malaria and he’ll be seeing firsthand the impact of this devastating disease which remains a leading killer of children and a major contributor to ongoing poverty in the country as it stops people from working and providing for their families.

Aloe will spend time with people across all aspects of the malaria fight including health workers, faith and community leaders, and families who have suffered from the disease. He’ll also visit a community which has just benefited from a malaria prevention programme distributing free mosquito nets. This vital work is part of an ongoing collaborative effort, including Malaria No More UK, that has already seen over 2.5 million mosquito nets distributed to help protect up to five million people, that’s around one fifth of Ghana’s total population.

Aloe’s passion in fighting malaria stems from his business background as a management consultant helping hospitals reduce their costs. Fast forward to today, Aloe uses his music as a force for positive change to shine a spotlight on issues that need exposing such as the fact a child dies un-necessarily from malaria every minute. Malaria takes a heavy toll on all aspects of life in Ghana and accounts for around a third of all hospital admissions and more than a quarter of deaths amongst young children.

Aloe says: “I’m expecting the next four days will be a kind of immersion experience! It’s a rare opportunity to have this dedicated time to absorb, observe and respond to one of the most urgent and important health challenges in our world today. I’m excited about the journey, all the people I’m going to meet and what’s going to come afterwards”.

Arabella, our Director of Communications says: “Aloe’s asked to see and learn as much as possible in the time we have so our schedule is intense but the trip should be inspiring and informative. We welcome Aloe’s genuine desire to learn about and highlight the fight against malaria and look forward to sharing more details closer to World Malaria Day on 25 April”.

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