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British fashion brand Jack Wills has been partnering with Malaria No More UK since 2011, uniting staff and customers behind the goal to end malaria deaths. During this time, Jack Wills has been part of a movement that has seen child deaths from malaria drop by 50% since 2000. They have raised a fantastic £180,000 to help bring forward the day that we can make malaria no more.

Jack Wills are selling two beaded African bracelets that are raising funds to help fight malaria – these unisex bracelets are handmade and threaded with either multicoloured or pink and blue beads (Jack Wills’s signature colours). The beads are interwoven with a Mr Wills charm and a pewter “R” bead – a mark of the authenticity and ethical business practice of bracelet makers: Relate.

Both bracelets are now on sale in Jack Wills stores across the UK and online for £5, with 100% profits (that’s at least £2) from every purchase going to help save lives from malaria.

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You can step into the summer in style, with this “Sandhill Wrap”, also on sale to support the malaria fight. The wrap is a traditionally inspired kikoy – an item exclusive to the East African coast, in particular Kenya, where they are woven with the finest cotton grown in the region. The cotton of this wrap has been dyed into the official Jack Wills pink and navy colours. In order to support the local economy, The Kikoy Company employs a group of local women to carry out the weaving and knotting of each item.

The wrap is now on sale for £29.50 with £5 from every sale being donated to Malaria No More UK.

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“Jack Wills is excited to be part of such a positive and proactive charity. We are inspired by the determined and adventurous spirit of Malaria No More UK, a quality that we as a brand recognise in many of our customers, and look forward to raising further funds for this worthy cause.”
Co-Founder of Jack Wills, Peter Williams


Follow the journey of a Jack Wills bracelet, as it is crafted, sold, worn and then as money raised helps in the fight against malaria.


The Jack Wills Malaria No More UK bracelets are handmade in South Africa by the not for profit social enterprise Relate, a United Against Malaria partner. United Against Malaria is a diverse team of partners including Malaria No More, sportspeople, foundations, businesses and governments committed to ending deaths from malaria. The multi-coloured bracelets sold by Jack Wills spring from the original UAM design.

Relate’s vision is to create opportunities that change lives, through the mechanism of a simple string of beads that are made and sold through a uniquely sustainable business model. Bracelets are beaded, “closed” and packed by members of vulnerable communities in Cape Town, South Africa, bringing income, self-sufficiency, dignity and hope. Furthermore Relate invests in skills and enterprise development for the bracelet makers.

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Malaria No More UK is part of a global effort to put an end to the suffering and death caused by malaria.