Ray Chambers, UN Special Envoy for Malaria

Ray Chambers is the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Financing the Health Millennium Development Goals and for Malaria, he’s a driving force behind the global malaria campaign. Ray is also a philanthropist and co founder of Malaria No More in the US and long-term supporter of Malaria No More UK. In April 2011, Ray was named in Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list as recognition of his global leadership on malaria.

Ray Chambers’s malaria story

“I was compelled to get involved with the malaria fight after I first saw photos of children from a village in Malawi. I thought these angelic children were sleeping only to learn later that they were all in malaria comas at the time of the photo and many probably died. I will never forget that image.

I soon learned that malaria was preventable and treatable. I met with a number of scientists and leaders and everybody said we have the tools and technology to end deaths from malaria, the only thing that was preventing this realisation was the will to make it happen.

So in 2006, I co-founded Malaria No More in the US. Shortly after I was invited to become the UN Secretary-General’s first Special Envoy for Malaria, a position I accepted with honour. At the same time, I have been delighted to support the launch and ongoing efforts of Malaria No More UK. Together with the global malaria community we are seeing unprecedented progress in the malaria fight, with child death rates halved since 2000.

I was in Zanzibar a few summers ago, in the republic of Tanzania, where malaria prevalence dropped to less than 1 percent in the last decade. The highlight of our trip was an unannounced visit to the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, which just three years earlier had been over-capacity with children sick from malaria with three children in each bed, and many more sleeping on the floor. This time, the same paediatric ward was completely empty. Seeing that ward was an affirmation that progress in malaria is possible, and is in fact happening. There is no room for complacency however – In the case of Zanzibar, the island’s history provides a cautionary tale, with resurgences of the disease acting as powerful reminders of our need to keep up the momentum”.


Ray Chambers, UN Special Envoy for Malaria

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