Jo Yirrell, Special Ambassador

Jo Yirrell was our first Special Ambassador, these are exceptional individuals who use their professional talent or personal experiences in the fight to make malaria no more.

Jo has strong personal reason for supporting our cause: In 2005, her 20 year old son Harry returned home from Ghana having unknowingly contracted one of the deadliest strains of malaria. After ten days fighting for his life Harry died.

Jo channelled her grief into raising funds and awareness to help fight malaria and support our launch in 2009. She went with our team to Africa to see where Harry had lived and then joined our Leadership Council members David Beckham and Andy Murray to visit the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown at No. 10 Downing Street to talk about UK action on malaria. Jo’s remarkable journey and commitment to saving lives helped inspire the character of British mother Martha in Richard Curtis’s latest TV film Mary and Martha.

Read Jo’s Real Life Story

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