Sarah Kline, Former Executive Director

Sarah Kline was recruited to set up Malaria No More UK in November 2008. She oversaw our establishment and launch in 2008/9 and was responsible for the growth and development of the organisation. During that time, Malaria No More UK successfully helped make malaria a key international development priority for the UK Government, significantly increased British public understanding and support for tackling malaria; and helped protect over 10 million people from malaria in Africa.

Reflecting on her role in July 2012, shortly before she left, Sarah said:
“I joined Malaria No More UK in December 2008 when I was asked by the board to set up the charity. I was excited to take on the role because there was already such an inspiring mix of people involved in tackling malaria – from the science and medical community, to politicians and faith leaders. And we know we can stop people suffering and dying from malaria. It has been incredibly motivating to be part of such an energetic and positive effort to make a difference to peoples’ lives.

In my first year of the job I had the privilege of helping make a BBC documentary film in Ghana about Jo Yirrell whose son tragically caught malaria and died. During the filming we met a lot of people who had also lost relatives and we visited a hospital where mothers watched over their tiny children who were suffering from malaria. It was heart breaking. But we also met those who had been successfully treated and others who were protecting themselves using bednets and spray. Now MNMUK is part of a national effort in Ghana to help prevent, diagnose and treat malaria.

My first visit to Ghana to see the impact of malaria will always stay with me. My own sister had malaria when she was teaching in Kenya so I know it can happen to anyone – and how important it is to prevent and treat it. During my time at Malaria No More UK I feel really lucky to have be part of a team and a global movement to help make malaria no more.”

Malaria No More UK is part of a global effort to put an end to the suffering and death caused by malaria.